Grants Pass Early Learning Fund

The Grants Pass Early Learning Fund was established in 2024 to support Grants Pass School District 7’s early learning program. Early Learning programs do not receive state funding like K-12 education. Programs for preschool-aged children are generally funded through grants, donations, or tuition. The earnings from this fund support free parent-child interactive playgroups, and connect families to community resources and support.

Funds will also support:

  • Preschool opportunities
  • Transportation assistance for families to remove transportation barriers
  • Childcare for families with multiple children so families can attend workshops and playgroups with their preschool-aged child
  • Professional development for early learning providers
  • Parent workshops
  • Kindergarten readiness classes
  • On-site dental, vision, and speech screenings
  • A clothing closet & essentials
Community Campaign Donor Levels for Early Learning

JCEF is now Redwood Foundation for Education