Gabriela Rapley

Illinois Valley High School, Class of 2018
University of Oregon, Class of 2022

University: University of Oregon – Eugene, OR
Major: Advertising, Spanish minor
Scholarships Received from Redwood: Olaf & Daisy Nassen Memorial, Wilbur Hilgert Memorial, Grants Pass Active Club, Grants Pass Rotary Club

Gabriela Rapley is a 2018 graduate of Illinois Valley High School who studied Advertising and Spanish at the University of Oregon. Through the scholarships she received from Redwood and other sources, Gabriela graduated in 2022 with less than $4,000 in student loan debt.

Gabriela wanted to pick a universal major and knew that the journalism school at UO was highly recommended. She wanted to learn Spanish because she believes it is important to speak different languages in today’s world. Her advisor at UO helped guide her path and helped her graduate on time.

Her advice to other students is to apply for every scholarship possible, avoid debt, meet with your advisor consistently to make sure you graduate on time, and embrace the experience of college while you can – even when school gets really busy. She currently works for Dutch Bros. and plans to move up the ladder into the corporate realm.

“Thanks to the scholarships I received from the Redwood Foundation, I graduated with only $3,500 in debt and I won’t have to worry about paying off loans for the rest of my life.”​

JCEF is now Redwood Foundation for Education