Mason Herzog

Grants Pass High School
Class of 2017

University: Oregon State University
Major: Computer Science/Business
Scholarships received from JCEF:I received these local JCEF scholarships: Active Club, College Dreams, Drummond Family, South Middle School and the Joe Rose Memorial Scholarship. I also received The Ford Family Foundation, the renewable Criswell scholarship, Elmer and Iva Gilmore Scholarship, Grange Co-Op, Elks Most Valuable Student, Caring Contest Scholarship, Beat the Odds Scholarship and the Walmart Dependent scholarship.

Why OSU: After visiting many campuses, Oregon State University was the only one that I immediately fell in love with. They weren’t trying to get me to come to their school because of their sports or anything like that. They really are invested in their students and focusing on education.

Why it’s a good fit: I love the ever-changing field as I will constantly be learning something new so I won’t get bored. It is also a field where I will have to problem solve which is also something I enjoy doing.

Classes completed in high school that set me on the path to pursue this field of study: I took a computer class in high school and really enjoyed it. I find all the technology to be extremely interesting. I have also taken math classes every year to prepare myself for the higher-level math classes.

High School activities, clubs, or sports: I have been part of leadership for the past two years. Volunteering and helping the community is something I really enjoy. It has also helped me grow as a person and as a speaker.

Planned College activities, clubs, or sports: I plan to join the leadership academy.


Mason Herzog

The scholarships I have received will go a long way in helping me achieve my goals. Without all the support, college most likely wouldn’t have been an option for me. For this I will be forever thankful.

JCEF is now Redwood Foundation for Education