Taylor Vogt

Grants Pass High School, Class of 2018
Linfield, Class of 2020

University: Linfield, McMinnville Oregon
Major: Secondary Education and History
Scholarships Received from JCEF: Maxel Belnap Memorial, GPHS ASB Leadership, GPHS National Honor Society, GP Kiwanis, GP Lions, GP Rotary, GP Zonta, Jo Co Medical Society, Kaylee Moore, Riverside PTA, College Dreams, Myrt Trickey.

Taylor Vogt (White) is a 2018 graduate of Grants Pass High School, pursuing a double major in secondary education and history at Linfield University. Through the scholarships she received from JCEF and other sources, Taylor will graduate without student loan debt. “The scholarships I received gave me confidence- knowing that others believed in me, helped me believe that I could do it. It helped me see that even as a first- generation college student, college was somewhere I belonged.”

Initially planning to pursue a degree in Nursing, Taylor was inspired to become a teacher by the History teachers she was fortunate to have at GPHS. “Through studying history, you have the opportunity to learn about yourself. As a teacher, I want to help other students learn about themselves and impact students the way my teachers impacted me.”

She advises that other students take advantage of the AP coursework that is offered, which enabled her to graduate in 2.5 years from a 5-year program. While at Linfield, being diligent about turning in coursework and seeking the help that was available has enabled Taylor to maintain a 3.97 GPA. Once she graduates, Taylor plans to teach part-time in the Eugene-Springfield area while she pursues a graduate degree.

Taylor Vogt

“The scholarships I received from JCEF on award night made me feel loved and recognized, that other people had seen what I had been working towards the last four years and believed in me. That moment still sticks with me.”

JCEF is now Redwood Foundation for Education